These wedding chalkboards will add a great touch of design and information to your big day!

Your big day is a very, very important moment in your life. Creating the perfect décor to suit your style and your love story will make your event unforgettable (both for you and for your wedding guests too).

Wedding chalkboards are a great idea if you want to provide your guests with the information they need. But maybe even more than that, these chalkboards can be a great complement to your wedding design as well.

How to include them in your big day’s décor? We have gathered some ideas to inspire you – so read on and find out more.

  • Ceremony backdrop. Add a dash of uniqueness and a bit of playfulness to your ceremony by creating a chalkboard backdrop. Write down some cute messages and use them to create a truly special vibe at your wedding ceremony!
  • Wedding menu. If you want to make sure your guests know what is served, create a special wedding menu chalkboard for this purpose alone. Place it somewhere noticeable, so that all guests have access to the information on it.
  • Hashtag. If you are like most of the modern couples, you will want to create a wedding hashtag your guests can use when sharing photos on the Social Media. Create a chalkboard for this and place it where everyone can see it! This way, all of your guests will know what hashtag to use when sharing their fun photos on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter.

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